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Why it's Important you Service Your Boiler Every Year

Why it's Important you Service Your Boiler Every Year

Why it's Important you Service Your Boiler Every Year

Your boiler is likely to be one of your most expensive household items. It is also a very important and essential item. As a system vital to your comfort at home, it would be your greatest desire to keep it functioning at all times, ready for use whenever you please.

Often times, though, once we have the boiler mounted in our home, we forget about it and overlook the need to book for a service. Work, family, hobbies, friends and more take up most of our day, keeping us so busy that we at times forget about routine maintenance on some of the critical machinery in our home.

Many do not even realize the importance of getting their boiler serviced at least once every 12 months. If you wish to have your boiler functioning properly all year round, it is important that you regularly service it. Consider some important benefits of getting your boiler serviced annually. First, it is important to get an idea of what exactly happens during a boiler service.

What happens during a boiler service?

Considering how easy and fast getting a boiler service is made to appear, it is easy to conclude that an engineer invited to service your boiler will simply come in, take a look at the appliance and head out. A boiler service involves more than just that.

Your engineer will want to inspect your boiler and clean it thoroughly. In the process, their trained eyes will look out for signs of any possible damages, faulty components or underlying issues that might cause your boiler to become faulty in the future.

This normally involves checking your emissions for any sign of leakage, a flue check for boiler ventilation, checks on the boiler pipework to see that it remains within recommended safety standards, a check on the boiler controls, pressure check, installation check, and visual inspection for signs of rust, corrosion and breakage.

Your engineer might fix any identified problems at little extra cost depending on the size of the damage, and the need for replacement of parts. If, though, you are getting no signs whatsoever of any issues with your boiler, do you still have to call on an engineer to get it serviced?

Top 7 Benefits of servicing your boiler every year

#1. Catch boiler problems early on

Cold showers are only great when the weather is extremely hot. Even then, most of us would rather enjoy a warm bath than a cold one. This makes the boiler an invaluable equipment for day to day living. But this also makes it more prone to issues. As you regularly use your boiler, it could begin running into issues, issues you likely wouldn’t notice until the winter months come around and they become an emergency.

With your boiler serviced annually, your engineer will be able to catch these problems before they become full blown emergencies. No matter how small they may be, identifying and addressing a problem in time prevents these problems from developing into all-out damages, saving you from the stress and cost of a breakdown in the winter.

#2. Safety from carbon poisoning

The Department of Health in a research published in 2011 noted that about 4,000 persons are rushed to A&E each year with carbon monoxide poisoning. 200 of these persons are hospitalized and roughly 50 people die as a result. Unfortunately, due to its symptoms (carbon monoxide poisoning has very common symptoms including headaches, breathlessness, dizziness, etc.) it is easily mistaken for other common illnesses.

Although gas leaks do not happen often, they are often big culprits in such cases of poisoning. Regular maintenance will help keep you and your family safe by identifying any possible point of leakage in your boiler, addressing it before it affects your health.

#3. Keep your boiler energy efficient

Many consider regularly servicing your boiler a waste of money due to its costs. Why bother about it when it’s got no problems? This can hardly be further from the truth. Beyond its ability to keep your family safe, servicing your boiler every year saves you money in the long run.

Your engineer will check to ensure that your boiler uses energy efficiently, thus reducing your energy bills. While your boiler model, age and usage are important factors in your energy bills, servicing your boiler affords you to optimize it for lesser energy consumption, preventing the possibility of unwarranted spikes in energy bills.

#4. Extends boiler life

As you constantly address little issues before they become big mountains, you also extend the life of your boiler. Servicing your boiler isn’t as expensive as many make it seem. Checking and maintaining your boiler regularly will ensure that your boiler continues to run smoothly. A healthy boiler is also less likely to break down and more likely to last longer than one which isn’t regularly serviced. With your boiler life optimized you wouldn’t be running to get a new one anytime soon. This is great considering the costs associated with buying and mounting a new boiler.

#5. Stay within legal boundaries

Every landlord and business owner is required to keep gas appliances safe and regularly maintained under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations of 1998. Gas boilers, based on this law, should have a Gas Safe certificate that shows it is safe to use and unlikely to harm those around. Annually servicing your boiler is a way to ensure that you meet an aspect of your key legal obligations as a landlord or business owner.

#6. Warranty protection

If you’ve just gotten a new boiler, you are likely to have some form of warranty protection for a few years. This warranty (a guarantee of free repairs or replacement in the case of a breakdown), though, is usually based on the condition that your boiler is serviced annually. Going more than 12 months without having your boiler serviced by a competent engineer will void this warranty. The implication is that you will have no right to any claims following a breakdown – whether it is a direct result of your action or not.

#7. Boiler cover claims

Although most boiler covers come with guaranteed agreements of annual servicing, you want to check yours to be sure. Even when you purchase a boiler cover, your policy provider will require your records of boiler service in cases of a faulty boiler. This record will be necessary to laying claims to your cover.

The end of the summer period, just before the winter begins, is usually the best time to get your boiler serviced. This is especially important if your boiler has been largely inactive during the summer months. Servicing your boiler at this time also gets it ready for the work load to come in the winter period. However, be sure to call out your engineer for servicing if you notice anything unusual in its operations. This will save you avoidable costs in the future and keep you and your family healthy.

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