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Top 5 boilers in 2017

Top 5 boilers in 2017

Top 5 boilers in 2017

Potterton, Valliant, Baxi, Heatline, Worcester… the boiler manufacturing industry is filled with a long list of top level manufacturers.

The struggle for control at the top is clear and has driven some of the biggest and best innovations in the boiler industry.
Boilers have assumed a very important role in the modern home. Combination (combi) boilers are more popular today because they are able to provide heating and hot water directly from the boiler. Whether to choose to go combi or not, a premium boiler should offer great value for money, top level performance, and a reasonable warranty period.

Which boiler is best for you will depend on your heating requirements, the size of your home, and your personal preferences. Still, it is not in doubt that there are industry pacemakers that have set the pace, in terms of capability and efficiency, for what exactly constitutes a premium boiler. And no year has seen as many of them as the year 2017.



Perhaps the most enticing offer you’ll receive with the purchase of the Ideal Vogue boiler is its accompanying 10 year warranty. To put this into perspective, Ideal is saying if the Vogue develops faults not caused by you in within 3,650 days of use, you can send it back. But there’s more to the Vogue than just its lengthy warranty period.

From its design to its performance, the Vogue is a nice product to have with you. Its external design is so sleek it can fit in with premium products in your home (even if it is one of those products that’s normally hidden away). With a 91.1% efficiency rating by Ideal, the Vogue is one of the most efficient performers in the industry. Such high rating means that you’ll save a lot on your heating bills by utilizing this boiler in your home.

The Ideal Vogue comes with a free thermostat which can either stand or be mounted. But as smart thermostats become increasingly popular, Ideal has provided a boiler that could be compatible with a smart thermostat if you wish to take that line. Ideal has also taken measures to limit boiler problems such as frost (in winter) and dust accumulation.



The Worcester Bosch Greenstar combi boiler range has proven to be one of the most reliable gas boiler brands. It is just about edged out of the number one spot but we do understand just why many are willing to give it a top rating. Like Ideal Vogue above, it has a quite expensive price point. But we still believe it offers great value for money.

While the Greenstar comes with a 5 year standard warranty, this can be extended to match the 10 years on offer with the Vogue, by virtue of the installer. The Greenstar also offers built-in frost protection to prevent frost-related breakdown in the winter months. With its built-in high efficiency pump, it also consumes much less electricity than regular boilers.

The Worcester Bosch Greenstar achieves an “A” rating for heating and for hot water. Besides its efficiency, it is also easy to operate using a range of user accessible controls. Looking beyond the cost, the Greenstar is definitely a reliable boiler to have around.



It’s difficult to pick the most popular brand between Valliant and Worcester Bosch. With their efficient customer service, minimum response time to any issues, and generally great products, it’s hard to image why not. The ecoTEC Pro combination boiler is simple and highly user friendly.

Valliant decided to go with stainless steel in the heat exchanger; increasing the hot water delivery time to just a few seconds. This makes for hot water on demand. Still on increased efficiency, the ecoTEC Pro comes with an 89.2% efficiency rating. While this falls short of the 91.1% of our top pick, it is still highly efficient and will run on less energy.

Unlike most on this list it comes with a standard warranty of 2 years which is extended should you use an approved installer. However, it also features a standard built-in frost protection and a high efficiency pump. Overall, it is a user friendly and reliable boiler with great support.



7 year warranty is hardly something to balk at for a great combination boiler. At a fantastically affordable price point when compared to others on this list, this is a top level boiler that you can purchase. You also get to make your choice of hue and filter.

The Logic Plus is the second entry on our list from Ideal and is more popular than its more expensive companion. While the cost is a factor, it is an efficient and effective boiler with a compact design that fits right in the company of premium products.



The second boiler on our list that sports just a two year warranty, Heatline’s Capriz finds itself in great company. That brief warranty is also very much extendable depending on your installer. Capriz is by far the cheapest combination boiler on this list but offers great value for money and high efficiency.


Why Combi Boilers?

You would notice that all of our chosen boilers are combination boilers. Combination boilers have enjoyed surging popularity because they render a two-in-one service and are great for space saving. But that bias hasn’t creeped into our choice. Combi boilers are mostly cheaper to install, offer hot water on delivery, are great for small spaces, and are both energy and cost efficient.


What to Look Out for Before Purchasing a Boiler

Making a choice from the great crowd of boilers on the market today can be challenging. It is our hope that the above piece has narrowed down this list a bit. However, for different reasons, you might not find any of the above as best fit for your home. So we have compiled a little guide to help your purchase decision.


Boiler Efficiency

Energy efficient appliances are highly recommended by the EU and other safety bodies because of their limited carbon footprint. On the plus side, they are less expensive to run and can save you as much as 600 pounds on your yearly energy bills. Many modern home appliances come with an EU energy efficiency label. It is important that you look out for this before making any purchases.


Home size

Combi boilers while ideal for small homes are not always the best options for larger homes. Conventional or system boilers are better suited to larger homes. Always consider your home size (number of rooms and bathrooms) before deciding on which boiler to purchase.



Warranties are a very important part of any purchases. Ideal does offer the highest boiler warranties you can think of, but Worchester and Valliant are not too far behind. However, warranties are subject to terms and conditions (registration and routine servicing make up most of these terms) so you’ll want to read up on your brands warranties and live up to their terms to enjoy any.


Boiler size and power output

High output boilers are not meant for every home. The output of a boiler, measure in kilowatts (kW), indicates the rate of energy consumption of the boiler. Larger homes mostly require higher output boilers because they have more bathrooms and radiators. But that is not the case for smaller homes. Similarly, a boiler does not have to be ridiculously big to meet your needs. Find an adequate sized boiler with easy heating controls that fits your home size and needs.

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