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The Valliant Green iQ

The Valliant Green iQ

The Valliant Green iQ

The launch of the Valliant Green iQ range is undoubtedly the biggest event in the storied history of Valliant.

The Valliant Green iQ is nothing if not a merger between the ancient and modern. It is a label that is designed to be both sustainable and engineered to be futuristic.

The Valliant Green iQ is the result of years of research and investment. The heating industry has for a long time sought out greener, leaner, and more energy efficient solutions. Increased government legislation across the EU has seen the push for energy efficient heating solutions improve over the years.

More than that, though, consumer demands have aligned more towards energy efficient solutions that are both sustainable and high performing. It is against this backdrop that Valliant has pushed forward its innovative solution to heating – the Green iQ label. A bold move by Valliant, what do we expect from the Green iQ?


The Green iQ Label – Features and Expectations

The Green iQ label is a tag to follow a certain range of different products from Valliant. This tag guarantees that the product is extremely energy efficient, eco-friendly, requires low running costs, is user-friendly with clear and intuitive operations, and is technologically engineered to be smart, taking advantage of app-based smart controls using your smartphone.

According to Valliant, the focus of the green products is the development of sustainable technology that is green from start to finish. As a result, the entre lifecycle of products in this range are meant to be green, up to the recycle stage. This is revealing in terms of the tests that qualify a Valliant product for the green label. They must possess a very high degree of recyclability.

The product must also offer highly user-friendly solutions centered on smart and intuitive connectivity. To this end, products in this range a Wi-Fi compatible, allowing smartphone enabled heating controls from anywhere in the world. The result is a home that is always ready – tuned to just the right temperature – for your arrival. With intelligent networking, you can fine tune your heating using your smartphone, reducing waste and improving comfort.

The above guiding principles for the Green iQ label can be summarized as follows:

  • Displaying optimal efficiency levels
  • Recyclable at the end of the product life-cycle
  • Demonstrate extremely low running costs
  • Produced in a socially responsible manner
  • Optimal and proven build quality
  • User-connectivity including, for example an intuitive operation, Wi-Fi capabilities and remote controls via mobile applications


Green iQ Boilers

The above principles set the Green iQ aside as an industry leading first. The launch of the label has come with the launch of the first two sets of boilers in its range – the ecoTEC exclusive range and the flexoTHERM exclusive and flexoCOMPACT exclusive range.


The ecoTEC exclusive range

The ecoTEC exclusive is both efficient and intelligent, providing integrated extension interfaces, super-efficient combustion, and automatic adaptation for all gas types. This range of boilers offers as much as 12% increased efficiency in domestic hot water mode. To achieve this the ecoTEC has an unparalleled ability to moderate flue gas temperatures below 30o, thanks to an improved, extra condensate heat exchanger.

Offering a wide modulation range of up to 1:10, ecoTEC exclusive boilers are able to adapt to different situations, using only as much energy as it needs for each task. It thus consumes less gas, optimizes running cycles, and ultimately reduces your energy bills. Thanks to the Green iQ label’s stringent qualification process, the ecoTEC range is about 85% recyclable, making it a very green solution. In keeping with the green vision, the ecoTEC boilers are some of the quietest on the market.

Using Valliant’s vSMART controls, every homeowner can achieve total control of their heating and hot water system using their smart phones. Energy usage information that helps the owner achieve optimum efficiency is sent to the homeowner using this same means. Smart, intelligent, low-running cost, and high efficiency.


The flexoTHERM exclusive and flexoCOMPACT exclusive range

Valliant’s flexoTHERM/COMPACT exclusive range of products are simply tagged “For a new era of intelligent heat pumps.” Designed with the Valliant Sound Safe System, these products will be both flexible and quiet, allowing you heat your home while cutting back on costs with the highest level of efficiency.

As with all Green iQ products, the flexoTHERM/COMPACT range has an ErP label of A or higher, making for reduced electricity costs. The vSMART is also built into it to enable effortless connectivity. With an integrated interface that allows easy renewable upgrades and a smart intuitive app, usability is easy and seamless.


Is Green iQ the future of boilers?

It is perhaps a very bold and forward statement, bothering on presumptuous, to tag the Green iQ the future. But it is not without reason. Valliant is going out of its way to provide products that reassure customers that a new standard is in place. A standard that ensures the highest levels of environmentally friendly heating solutions that are almost completely recyclable. Beyond being just green, these products are also smart and intelligent.

Smart technology is overtaking the world across all industries. Likewise, there is an increasing appreciation and demand for eco-friendly products that do not harm the environment during their lifetime and after. The combination of both is an industry first that sets a new bar for what a truly premium boiler should target. A mark for future demands.

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