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Buying or Selling your House? Get the Boiler Checked!

Buying or Selling your House? Get the Boiler Checked!

Buying or Selling your House? Get the Boiler Checked!

Buying a house is a huge investment; therefore, you need to know exactly what you are going to be getting for your money. Getting a house solely because it's cheap might not be the best way to go about it as it may have lots of repairs which would eventually take a lot of money which might be a lot higher than a purchase price. You can spend a small fortune even on maintenance cost.

So, when purchasing a house, irrespective of how expensive or cheap it might be, it is very important to have a few things checked such as the electric, and gas. You need to make sure they are well-maintained as well as efficient, to avoid additional cost for you. Getting a functioning boiler too should be a top priority, and you should check on this before making an offer for a property. If after reviewing this and you notice some repairs must be made, you should ask if the current owner would cover the expenses or reduce the asking price in regard to the cost of the work needed to be carried out.

When buying a house, the seller should be able to let you know of any issue the house system maybe be having, even if not completely but to an extent to let you know what you are getting into. But if this isn't the case and you are interested in buying a particular house, be free to ask for proof that a boiler service has been booked by the owner in the last 12 months And With a local heating engine.

The seller of the house should be able to present to you a valid energy performance certificate. And if proof of this kind cannot be provided, then you can request to survey the property thoroughly before purchasing the house.

How do you check a boiler in a new house?

Checking a boiler yourself as a home buyer isn't ideal, and this is because It deals with gas utilities and appliances Which can be highly dangerous. To avoid any complications, it is usually best for People listed on the gas safe register to check it themselves. And you can also get a heating engineer and a registered plumber to check it once they can provide a Gas safe ID, remember to always ask for one too.

You should also know that at this stage, homebuyer reports as well as RICS surveys rarely and almost never bring to your attention issues which have to go with the utilities of the property. This is because they are mostly focused on issues with structure and surface level and don't have the time or zeal to go deep into other issues. Due to this, it is OK to ask your surveyor to arrange an inspector to carefully assess the house and pick up issues with the utilities in the house.

You should know you don't need a new survey if you're only concerned about the boiler because the current owner can produce a certificate of installation as well as the operating instructions for daily usage. Always try to know the type of boiler that you would be dealing with and when exactly it was installed. The owner of the house being sold should be able to produce a valid Gas safety record as this document is usually provided by a professional after servicing a gas appliance. You should also know the service times as all appliances are recommending to be serviced at least once a year, so this shouldn't be a problem or challenges for the house owner in providing accurate documentation.

Certificates to look out for

You can also ask for the property's energy performance certificate. This is a certificate that covers the entire energy efficiency of the entire building or property through heat retention in appliances. If the boiler is shown to be an issue, this is where to find their recommendation. The law requires an EPC every time a property needs to be built, rented or even sold; therefore every owner is obliged to have one.

You should also keep in mind that any document signed off by a CORGI registered engineer would most likely be invalid.

Things to find out about your boiler when buying a new house

  1. Location of the boiler

Always ensure to ask about the location of the boiler as well as the stop cock and water tank when you are considering buying a new home. This helps you know what next to do in case anything goes wrong or an emergency.

  1. Type of boiler

Due to the fact, there are different types of boilers; it is advisable to know the kind you would be dealing with. We have the boilers for a system, condensing and combi so be sure to ask the owner or agent.

The types of boilers include

  • Gas combi boilers: this provides both hot water and heating. It is considered the most efficient and is common in the UK.
  • The electric boilers
  • The immersion heaters.
  • System boilers: These boilers usually come with water cylinders which sit in an airing cupboard; therefore you have no requirements for a water tank. It allows you to get hot water from different taps. The only disadvantage is, your water wouldn't be instantly hot.
  • Regular boiler: This usually has water and a cylinder tank. Hot water can run out, and you have to wait for a reheating. It is very appropriate for a big house as it let's hot water come out from various taps at once.
  • Flow boiler: this boiler concerts gas into electricity and is a lot more expensive. It costs quite a lot more than using gas to just heat your water instead of converting it to electricity
  1. The make and model of the boiler

Be sure to ask your seller the model and make of the boiler, and even offer to have a look at it yourself. This information comes in handy when buying boiler insurance.

  1. The condition and age of the boiler

When buying a home, check the condition of the boiler. Look out for damp, leaks and dirt. This would let you know of the condition it has always been in and how well it has been taken care of.

Also, find out if you are using an old model and this should let you know it would inefficient and could pose a serious risk that could be detrimental to your health. If you decide to go ahead, you might end up spending a lot for a replacement in the nearest future. Also, ensure to get carbon monoxide detectors to prevent complications.

  1. Efficiency and how often it's been serviced.

Modern boilers usually have an A rating on their label, so if the boiler in your home isn't energy sufficient enough, then you should consider getting an A-rated boiler model. It costs less on energy, and you get to save a lot of money.

Also, enquire when last the boiler in your new home was serviced and not just by anyone but by a Gas safe registered engineer. The seller should be able to produce a gas certificate with the inspection history. It is usually in 2 places. Either at the back of the instruction manual or on the sticker of the boiler.

  1. Check the warranty

When buying a new home, find our from the seller or owner if the boiler is covered by any form of warranty. It varies from a boiler to boiler as it can be just 2 years and sometimes 5 years or even more. In a case where it is covered, then be sure to get the details from the owner to avoid extra cost on repair.

Remember to get a Home boiler insurance for your new home as well.

Why you should check your boiler before selling your home

Before selling your home, it is important to check your boiler as if it is found faulty, asking prices may drop. This is why taking care of a boiler from the onset is very important. A bad looking boiler could send a wrong message to a buyer could make them uninterested in seeing the rest of the house.

Repairing your boiler should be done for more reasons than just selling your house. In cases where your boiler stops working properly or your heating bills are skyrocketing, you should think of getting a new boiler to save yourself of all the hassle that comes with a bad boiler.

You can choose to get a new boiler if

  • Your boiler has stayed over 15 years and more
  • The repair cost is almost that of getting a new one
  • It isn't energy efficient anymore.
  • You want to sell your home and would like to increase value.


Just as getting a new house requires you checking for a functioning and efficient boiler, it is advisable to make sure yours is in perfect shape before offering to sell your house.

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