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Boiler Energy Efficiency

Boiler Energy Efficiency

Boiler Energy Efficiency

Home is where the heart is. Our homes are refugee at the end of a long hard day filled with all the items we hold dear. One often overlooked appliance you need in your home is an energy efficient boiler. Without a reliable boiler you are at risk of having that having the comfort of your home disrupted and may well end up having to pay out to get it repaired. If you want to get more information about the efficiency of boilers this guide is surely designed to help you do that. This guide will also help you to know just how likely it is that you would save money when you install a very new and efficient boiler.

Lower cost  for heating products

The efficiency of your boiler is determined by the age and the type you buy. The most efficient boiler and the type we advise people to purchase and use is the modern condensing boiler. This very efficient boiler is the best kind of boiler to choose if you are looking to make use of an efficient and environmentally friendly boiler. Modern condensing boilers available today use heat gotten from the burning of fuels which includes gas or oil.

Statisticians working with the Energy Saving Trust suggests that if everyone in the entire UK who has a gas or oil fuel heating, decide to install a condenser boiler which offers high efficiency and full set of controls for the heating, energy would be saved to almost 1.9 million homes for one year, and there would be around 6.7 million saved tons of carbon dioxide.

The efficiency of a boiler is given in percentage. The required percentage for efficient boilers is 92 percent, and since April 2018, boilers which meet up to the required 92 percent requirement are allowed to be installed in UK homes. Despite this requirement, a great number of boilers available in the market today fall below this standard. So, if you want to purchase a boiler, it is to your best interests to check carefully the rating efficiency of the boiler you are about to get before you go ahead and get one. These days, the efficiency of more recent boilers are given as ratings found on the boilers ErP energy with the labels marked from A-G. The very recent gas condensing gas boilers usually come with rating A or energy standards.

It is very important that you note that there would be no difference in your gas bills if you decide to install a boiler that is only 92 percent efficient over 94 percent efficient boiler or an A rated boiler over the less rated boilers from A-G. The most important thing to remember to save money is to make a change from a less inefficient old boiler to a new one.

How boiler efficiency rating is calculated

The ErP energy rating

The European energy label came into effective in September 2015. This label is the standard for all modern boiler’s efficiency rating. Most available gas condensing boilers found In the United Kingdom are giving an A rating. If you are also interested in knowing how different boilers compare to one another, the Seasonal Efficiency of Boilers established in 2009, is very helpful resource for you and is an invaluable tool for assessing how different classification of boilers compare, it shows just how efficient these boilers are at converting fuel into heat.

 How can a more efficient boiler save you some money?

If you want to replace the old boiler with a lower efficiency rating with a more modern and advanced A-rated, the Energy Saving Trust can give you a good estimate of how much this will cost. This will help you save money on your installation and yearly bill.

There are various kinds of boilers, finding the right one for you is important. Depending on the size of your house these boilers cost may vary. A boiler 15 years or more may be classified as an old one in line with the standard calculations. Various kinds of boilers can be installed in various positions in the house, for example, a heavyweight boiler may require standing on the floor while a lightweight kind of boiler needs to be attached to a wall.

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